Drinking water: nonylphenol will now have to be monitored

Edited on 02/04/2022
As a result of a decision adopted by the European Commission on 19 January 2022, the potential presence of nonylphenol will have to be monitored throughout the drinking water supply chain.
News text: 

Nonylphenol is included in the list of substances to be monitored in drinking water due to its endocrine disrupting properties and the risk it poses to human health (European Directive 2020/2184). According to the decision approved by the European Commission on 19 January 2022, if nonylphenol is detected at concentrations above the guideline value of 300 ng/l, the State shall ensure that certain measures are taken, for example: appropriate prevention, mitigation or monitoring measures in catchment areas for abstraction points, measures to require water suppliers to check whether treatment is adequate to achieve the guideline value or, if necessary, to improve treatment...

The deadline for transposition of the directive is 12 January 2023.