A search tool of alternatives to APEO is online

Edited on 04/07/2022
In order to simplify your search for alternatives to alkylphenol ethoxylates, a table compiling all the information on this subject that was posted on the APEO substitution website has just been published!
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The search tool is a table in Microsoft® Excel format summarizing all the alternatives to alkylphenol ethoxylates mentioned in APEO substitution website. Via this table, you can search alternatives for an application (for example: paints, inks, textiles ...) or for a particular function (surfactant, dispersing agent...). Information about the substitute material or the substitute chemical substance is included : trade name and name of its developers and/or producers and/or suppliers. For additional information about a specific substitution solution, a link allows to access to the initial source of the information.

In the future, this tool will be updated with each major change in the alkylphenol ethoxylates substitution website.

Link to the tool